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Ibiza on TV
Ibiza on TV
Land:  Spanien
Kategori: Musik
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Web TV is a project which is extremely up to date and modern. The idea is sharing contents about "nightworld” (which has always been a special part of the spirit of this island) on web pages available worldwide easily and at low cost. Users will check what’s happening in Ibiza through a real dedicated TV, with reportages and interviews with people who live there, an approach that will increase the enthusiasm of the "entertainment operators” always looking for new media to self promote their activities. Ibiza On TV is the most concrete promotion project in a place that since 20 years captures the attention of anybody involved in turism! Ibiza is an island that is much appreciated not only for the beauty of the temperatures, of landscapes, of the sea but especially for the well known fun opportunities offered there.
Soltv  Spanien - Allmänt
Sol TV es un medio líder en el Departamento de Morazán, que promueve la educación, la participación ciudadana, a través de su programación

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EWTN International  Spanien - Religiös
Eternal Word Television Network —en español: «Red de Televisión de la Palabra Eterna»— conocido por sus siglas de EWTN, es una cadena de televisión

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Telemadrid Sat  Spanien - Allmänt
Telemadrid Sat fue un canal que emitió el Ente Público RadioTelevisión Madrid para su emisión en Europa y Hispanoamérica.

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Canal 13 Ojos Solidarios  Spanien - Lokal-TV
Entidad sin animo de Lucro. Formacion, Radio y Television en TDT y On Line

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TV Almansa  Spanien - Allmänt
TVAlmansa Television

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Aullidos TV  Spanien - Allmänt
Contiene noticias, críticas, trailers e información variada de películas de horror.

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